Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My little holiday break is over....

Back to work- well, not work work. This work. But first, a few meta-updates about either me or this blog (AKA, shameless pimpery).

Since Public Defenders are the dirt of the profession, there was not a single PD blog award during the annual year-end navel gazing over at Blawg Review. So, Greg over at PDStuff have announced Public Defender Blog Awards. I am nominated in a number of categories, and while it is an honor just to be nominated, you should vote early and often. (Hey- if Bashman could campaign vigorously for second place....)

I have been invited to guest blog for PoliticalGrind.com. I am excited and definitely looking forward to it, since my first attempt at topical blogging was decidedly political. Look for that in the New Year, and I will of course provide updates about that here as well.

I have finally succumbed. After much consternation and resistance, I have gotten on MySpace, mostly so that my sisters would stop bugging me about it. While I still believe that MySpace is petri dish of bad web design (EMBEDDED AUDIO BLASTING! Backgrounds that overwhelm the content! Bad CSS! PpL H00 WrIt3 lIK3 dis!) I am always looking for mew friends. Add me there, or go to my other (better) social networking sites- flickr, 43Things, or del.icio.us. And of course, there is my personal blog, The Mayor of Nowhere.

According to MyBlogLog, someone linked to me from Business-Garden.com, a business blog, written entirely in French. While I have no idea how they found me, I always appreciate the link!