Friday, October 20, 2006

My new project

I have been blogging for a number of years now. Mostly about the state of my life, but I have also done some topical blogs. I had a political blog for about a year, but personal issues got in the way of regular updates, and I let it die, although I maintain the archive.

Rejuvenated, I am starting a new topical blog, this time about something near and dear to me- the law. I am a lawgeek- meaning that not only can I recite cases and their holdings off the top of my head, I like to go a step further and break down the framework of the state of the law to see how the court got there. The essence of geekery is to break down systems with an eye toward improvement.

What I will not do here is talk about my own cases. Ethically I may not do that, nor will I take positions on issues that may come into play in my own cases. An opinion I express here may be adverse to a position I have to take later.

In any event, I hope to make this blog interesting and informative. Stick around!